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Current bachelor students

Chudáčková Alice

Biochemical and Cellular Analysis of Amyloid Staining Agents in Models of Tauopathies and Synucleopathies

Supervisor: Das Viswanath M.Sc., Ph.D.

Status: Ongoing from 2023.
Fialová Kateřina

siRNA knock-down of A3 adenosine receptor

Supervisor: Ječmeňová Kateřina

Status: Ongoing from 2022.
Floriánová Adéla

Preclinical testing of novel radiolabeled receptor-specific ligands for tumor imaging

Supervisor: Nový Zbyněk Ph.D.

Status: Ongoing from 2022.
Hrynevych Serhii

An examination of senescence markers in a panel of human cell lines

Supervisor: Lacey Mathew MSc.

Status: Ongoing from 2022.
Jamborová Petra

Establishment and characterization of anticancer drug resistant leukemic cell lines

Supervisor: Gurská Soňa Ph.D.

Status: Ongoing from 2023.
Jančíková Hana

Inhibition of gene expression through CRISPR interference

Supervisor: Kubíčková Agáta

Status: Ongoing from 2022.
Jarošová Amálie

Preparation of new nitrogen-based triterpene derivatives

Supervisor: Urban Milan Ph.D.

Status: Ongoing from 2022.
Kollárová Ema

Study of biological activity of new betulin derivatives

Supervisor: Frydrych Ivo Ph.D.

Status: Ongoing from 2023.
Kočářová Natálie

Effect of olaparib on DNA damage signalling

Supervisor: Lukáč Dávid Mgr.

Status: Ongoing from 2023.
Najdekova Alica

The role of fork reversal in DNA replication

Supervisor: Machačová Zuzana M.Sc.

Status: Ongoing from 2023.