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Current master students

Bartáková Anna

Typing of amyloid deposits by MS

Supervisor: Holub Dušan Ph.D.

Status: Ongoing from 2022.
Bechná Eliška

3D spheroids cultures of tumor cell lines for drug discovery studies

Supervisor: Das Viswanath M.Sc., Ph.D.

Status: Ongoing from 2022.
Duchová Hana

Effect of lck stimulation on lymphocyte priming induced by CuEt

Supervisor: De Sanctis Juan Bautista Ph.D.

Status: Ongoing from 2023.
Filipová Sára

Metabolomic characterisation of endometriosis

Supervisor: Najdekr Lukáš Ph.D.

Status: Ongoing from 2023.
Hrabáková Karolína

Radiolabelled synthetic siderophores for imaging microbial infections

Supervisor: Petřík Miloš Ph.D.

Status: Ongoing from 2024.
Kašparpová Zdena

The role of the absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion in a drug discovery in preclinical development

Supervisor: Lišková Barbora Ph.D.

Status: Ongoing from 2022.
Korbelová Mária

Identification of molecular targets of biologically active molecules

Supervisor: Václavková Jana M.Sc.

Status: Ongoing from 2023.
Kvapil Marek

Liquid colorectal cancer biopsy

Supervisor: Srovnal Josef M.D., Ph.D.

Status: Ongoing from 2023.
Kúdelová Kristína

Synthesis of betulin derivatives with cytotoxic effect

Status: Ongoing from 2022.
Křesťanová Eliška

Development of DIA method useful for plasma proteomic profiling of large sample cohort

Supervisor: Stanková Jarmila

Status: Ongoing from 2022.