De Sanctis Juan Bautista Ph.D.

Academic Title: M.D.

Publications (Impact Factor Journals)

  • [6]
    YOUSSEF, M., J.B. DE SANCTIS, C. KANAGARATHAM, S. TAO, E. AHMED a D. RADZIOCH. Efficacy of Optimized Treatment Protocol Using LAU-7b Formulation against Ovalbumin (OVA) and House Dust Mite (HDM) -Induced Allergic Asthma in Atopic Hyperresponsive A/J Mice. Pharmacological Research. 2020, 37(2), 31. ISSN 0724-8741. IF: 3.896. PMID: 31915990
  • [5]
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  • [4]
    MARTINEZ, G., M. MIJARES, K. CHAVEZ, A. SUAREZ, R. COMPAGNONE, P. CHIRINOS a J.B. DE SANCTIS. Caracasine acid, an ent-3,4-seco-kaurene, promotes apoptosis and cell differentiation through NFkB signal pathway inhibition in leukemia cells. European Journal of Pharmacology. 2019, 862, 172624. ISSN 0014-2999. IF: 3.170. PMID: 31449809
  • [3]
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  • [2]
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  • [1]
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