Polishchuk Pavlo Ph.D., M.Sc.

Phone: +420 585632298
Curriculum Vitae: download here

I'm a chemoinformatician mainly involved in medicinal chemistry projects of development of new drugs. Author of approaches and open-source software for:

  • representation of chemical compounds, their mixtures, quasi-mixtures and chemical reactions for modeling purposes;
  • interpretation of QSAR models to retrieve SAR knowledge and use for drug design;
  • 3D pharmacophore hashes, ligand-based and MD-based pharmacophore modeling.

Author of 5 book chapters and more than 50 journal papers.

Research interests: Medicinal and bioorganic chemistry, molecular and drug design, chemoinformatics, machine learning and data mining, programming.


Publications (Impact Factor Journals)

  • [13]
    MADZHIDOV, T., A. RAKHIMBEKOVA, A. KUTLUSHINA a P. POLISHCHUK. Probabilistic Approach for Virtual Screening Based on Multiple Pharmacophores. Molecules. 2020, 25(2), pii: E385. ISSN 1420-3049. IF: 3.060. PMID: 31963467
  • [12]
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  • [11]
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  • [10]
    TINKOV, O., V. GRIGOREV, P. POLISHCHUK, A. YARKOV a O. RAEVSKY. nemá IF a dedi_nezadávat_[QSAR investigation of acute toxicity of organic compounds during oral administration to mice]. Biomedit︠s︡inskai︠a︡ Khimii︠a︡. 2019, 65(2), 123-132. ISSN 2310-6972. IF: ?. PMID: 30950817
  • [9]
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  • [8]
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  • [7]
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  • [6]
    POLISHCHUK, P. Interpretation of Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship Models: Past, Present, and Future. Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling. 2017, 57(11), 2618-2639. ISSN 1549-9596. IF: 3.760. PMID: 28949520
  • [5]
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  • [4]
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  • [3]
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  • [2]
    KLIMENKO, K., V. KUZMIN, L. OGNICHENKO, L. GORB, M. SHUKLA, N. VINAS, E. PERKINS, P. POLISHCHUK, A. ARTEMENKO a J. LESZCZYNSKI. Novel enhanced applications of QSPR models: Temperature dependence of aqueous solubility. Journal of Computational Chemistry. 2016, 37(22), 2045-2051. ISSN 0192-8651 . IF: 3.229. PMID: 27338156
  • [1]
    KRYSKO, A., A. KORNYLOV, P. POLISHCHUK, G. SAMOYLENKO, O. KRYSKO, T. KABANOVA, V. KRAVTSOV, V. KABANOV, B. WICHER a S. ANDRONATI. Synthesis, biological evaluation and molecular docking studies of 2-piperazin-1-yl-quinazolines as platelet aggregation inhibitors and ligands of integrin alpha(IIb)beta(3). Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters. 2016, 26(7), 1839-1843. ISSN 0960-894X. IF: 2.454. PMID: 26912112
  • Publications (Other Reviewed Journals)

  • [1]
    MOKSHYNA, E., P. POLISHCHUK, V. NEDOSTUP a V. KUZMIN. QSPR-Modeling for the Second Virial Cross-Coefficients of Binary Organic Mixtures. International Journal of Quantitative Structure-Property Relationships. 2016, 2016(1), 72-84. ISSN 2379-7487.

  • Doctoral students mentor:

    [3] Aleksandra Nikonenko, xxx,
    Ph.D. specialization: , status: Ongoing, from: 2019
    [2] Alina Kutlushina, Development of 3D pharmacophore signatures and their application in drug design,
    Ph.D. specialization: , status: Ongoing, from: 2019
    [1] Mariia Matveieva, Automatic mining of relationships between structure and activity in chemical databases,
    Ph.D. specialization: Pediatrics, status: Ongoing, from: 2016

    Master students mentor:

    [1] Dávid Švec, Data-driven optimization of compound properties and exploration of a chemical space,
    status: Graduated, from: 2016 to 2019