Petřek Martin M.D., CSc.

Academic Title: Professor
Phone: +420 588442285, +420 585632771
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Publications (Impact Factor Journals)

  • [28]
    NOVOSADOVÁ, E., Z. NAVRÁTILOVÁ, M. ORDELTOVA, M. ŽURKOVÁ, J. ZATLOUKAL, V. KOLEK a M. PETŘEK. Comparison of lymphocyte immune phenotypes in bronchoalveolar lavage of non-smoking patients with sarcoidosis and other interstitial lung diseases. Journal of Thoracic Disease. 2019, 11(6), 2287-2296. ISSN 2072-1439. IF: 2.027. PMID: 31372265
  • [27]
    HAKOBJANYAN, A., A. SŤAHELOVÁ, F. MRÁZEK, J. PETŘKOVÁ, Z. NAVRÁTILOVÁ a M. PETŘEK. TP53 rs1042522 and rs8064946 variants in myocardial infarction. Bratislavské lekárske listy. 2018, 119(12), 747-751. ISSN 0006-9248. IF: 0.678. PMID: 30686012
  • [26]
    AVETYAN, D., R. ZAKHARYAN, M. PETŘEK a A. ARAKELYAN. Telomere shortening in blood leukocytes of patients with posttraumatic stress disorder. Journal of Psychiatric Research. 2019, 111, 83-88. ISSN 0022-3956. IF: 4.000. PMID: 30685566
  • [25]
    WOLIN, A., E. LAHTELA, V. ANTTILA, M. PETŘEK, J. GRUNEWALD, C. VAN MOORSEL, A. EKLUND, J. GRUTTERS, V. KOLEK, F. MRÁZEK, A. KISHORE, L. PADYUKOV, A. PIETINALHO, M. RONNINGER, M. SEPPÄNEN, O. SELROOS a M. LOKKI. SNP Variants in Major Histocompatibility Complex Are Associated with Sarcoidosis Susceptibility—A Joint Analysis in Four European Populations. Frontiers in Immunology. 2017, 2017, 8:422. ISSN 1664-3224. IF: 5.695. PMID: 28469621
  • [24]
    PETŘEK, M., L. KOCOURKOVÁ, V. ŽIŽKOVÁ, Z. NOSEK, M. TABORSKY a J. PETŘKOVÁ. Characterization of three CYP2C19 gene variants by Mass Array and Point of care techniques - experience from a Czech centre. Archivum Immunologiae et Therapiae Experimentalis. 2016, 64, 99-107. ISSN 0004-069X. IF: 2.040. PMID: 28083610
  • [23]
    NOVOSADOVÁ, E., A. CHABROŇOVÁ, V. KOLEK, M. PETŘEK a Z. NAVRÁTILOVÁ. The Serum Expression of Selected miRNAs in Pulmonary Sarcoidosis with/without Löfgren's Syndrome. Mediators of Inflammation. 2016, 2016, 2016:1246129. ISSN 0962-9351 . IF: 3.232. PMID: 28050119
  • [22]
    NAVRÁTILOVÁ, Z., E. NOVOSADOVÁ, M. HAGEMANN-JENSEN, S. KULLBERG, V. KOLEK, J. GRUNEWALD a M. PETŘEK. Expression Profile of Six RNA-Binding Proteins in Pulmonary Sarcoidosis. PLOS One. 2016, 11(8), e0161669. ISSN 1932-6203. IF: 2.806. PMID: 27575817
  • [21]
    KISHORE, A., V. ŽIŽKOVÁ, L. KOCOURKOVÁ, J. PETŘKOVÁ, E. BOUROS, H. NUNES, V. LOSTAKOVA, J. MÜLLER-QUERNHEIM, G. ZISSEL, V. KOLEK, D. BOUROS, D. VALEYRE a M. PETŘEK. Association Study for 26 Candidate Loci in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Patients from Four European Populations. Frontiers in Immunology. 2016, 7(-), 274. ISSN 1664-3224 . IF: 6.429. PMID: 27462317
  • [20]
    ARAKELYAN, A., L. NERSISYAN, M. PETŘEK, H. LÖFFLER-WIRTH a S. BINDER. Cartography of Pathway Signal Perturbations Identifies Distinct Molecular Pathomechanisms in Malignant and Chronic Lung Diseases. Frontiers in Genetics. 2016, May 6(7), 79. ISSN 1664-8021. IF: 3.789. PMID: 27200087
  • [19]
    KISHORE, A., V. ŽIŽKOVÁ, L. KOCOURKOVÁ a M. PETŘEK. A dataset of 26 candidate gene and pro-inflammatory cytokine variants for association studies in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis: frequency distribution in normal Czech population. Frontiers in Immunology. 2015, 6(476), article number: 476. ISSN 1664-3224. IF: 5.695. PMID: 26441981
  • [18]
    KISHORE, A., J. BOŘUCKÁ, J. PETŘKOVÁ a M. PETŘEK. Novel insights into miRNA in lung and heart inflammatory diseases. Mediators of Inflammation. 2014, -(Article Number: 259131), 1-27. ISSN 0962-9351. IF: 3.236. PMID: 24991086
  • [17]
    GHAZARYAN, H., M. PETŘEK a A. BOYAJYAN. Chronic schizophrenia is associated with over-expression of the interleukin-2 receptor gamma gene. Psychiatry Research. 2014, 217(3), 158-162. ISSN 0165-1781. IF: 2.467. PMID: 24713359
  • [16]
    SŤAHELOVÁ, A., J. PETŘKOVÁ, M. PETŘEK a F. MRÁZEK. Sequence variation in promoter regions of genes for CC chemokine ligands (CCL)19 and 21 in Czech patients with myocardial infarction. Molecular Biology Reports. 2014, 41(5), 3163-3168. ISSN 0301-4851. IF: 2.024. PMID: 24493450
  • [15]
    ARAKELYAN, A., R. ZAKHARYAN, M. HAMBARDZUMYAN, J. PETŘKOVÁ, M.C. OLSSON, M. PETŘEK a A. BOYAJYAN. Functional genetic polymorphisms of monocyte chemoattractant protein 1 and C-C chemokine receptor type 2 in ischemic stroke. Journal of Interferon and Cytokine Research. 2014, 34(2), 100-105. ISSN 1079-9907. IF: 2.000. PMID: 24083412
  • [14]
    MANUKYAN, G., M. PETŘEK, T. TOMANKOVA, A. MARTIROSYAN, M. TATYAN, Z. NAVRÁTILOVÁ, D. PAULU a E. KRIEGOVA. Colchicine modulates expression of pro-inflammatory genes in neutrophils from patients with familial Mediterranean fever and healthy subjects. Journal of Biological Regulators and Homeostatic Agents. 2013, 27(2), 0393-974X. ISSN 329-336. IF: 2.406. PMID: 23830384
  • [13]
    POPA, O.M., E. KRIEGOVA, L. POPA, P. SCHNEIDEROVA, M.I. DUTESCU, M. BOJINCA, C. BARA a M. PETŘEK. Association study in Romanians confirms IL23A gene haplotype block rs2066808/rs11171806 as conferring risk to psoriatic arthritis. Cytokine. 2013, 63(1), 67-73. ISSN 1043-4666. IF: 2.874. PMID: 23673284
  • [12]
    MRÁZEK, F., J. GALLO, A. SŤAHELOVÁ a M. PETŘEK. Coding variants of TLR2 and TLR4 genes do not substantially contribute to prosthetic joint infection. Inflammation Research. 2013, 62(5), 483-487. ISSN 1023-3830. IF: 2.143. PMID: 23417289
  • [11]
    ZAKHARYAN, R., A. BOYAJYAN, A. ARAKELYAN, M. MELKUMOVA, F. MRÁZEK a M. PETŘEK. Monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 in schizophrenia: -2518A/G genetic variant and protein levels in Armenian population. Cytokine. 2012, 58(3), 351-354. ISSN 1043-4666. IF: 2.518. PMID: 22425139
  • [10]
    TOMANKOVA, T., M. PETŘEK, J. GALLO a E. KRIEGOVA. MicroRNAs: emerging regulators of immune-mediated diseases. Scandinavian Journal of Immunology. 2012, 75(2), 129-141. ISSN 0300-9475. IF: 2.199. PMID: 21988491
  • [9]
    ZAKHARYAN, R., A. BOYAJYAN, A. ARAKELYAN, A. GEVORGYAN, F. MRÁZEK a M. PETŘEK. Functional variants of the genes involved in neurodevelopment and susceptibility to schizophrenia in Armenian population. Human Immunology. 2011, 72(9), 746-748. ISSN 0198-8859. IF: 2.837. PMID: 21641949
  • [8]
    MRÁZEK, F., A. SŤAHELOVÁ, E. KRIEGOVA, R. FILLEROVA, M. ŽURKOVÁ, V. KOLEK a M. PETŘEK. Functional variant ANXA11 R230C: true marker of protection and candidate disease modifier in sarcoidosis. Genes and Immunity. 2011, 12(6), 490-494. ISSN 1466-4879. IF: 3.872. PMID: 21562576
  • [7]
    TERESHCHENKO, I.P.., J. PETŘKOVÁ, M.I. VOEVODA, M. TABORSKY, Z. NAVRÁTILOVÁ, A.N. ROMASCHENKO, V.N. MAKSIMOV, F. MRÁZEK a M. PETŘEK. CCL5/RANTES gene polymorphisms in Slavonic patients with myocardial infarction. Mediators of Inflammation. 2011, 2011(article 525691), 1-6. ISSN 0962-9351. IF: 3.263. PMID: 21547257
  • [6]
    KRIEGOVA, E., R. FILLEROVA, T. TOMANKOVA, B. HUTYROVA, F. MRÁZEK, T. TICHÝ, V. KOLEK, R.M. DU BOIS a M. PETŘEK. T-helper cell type-1 transcription factor T-bet is upregulated in pulmonary sarcoidosis. European Respiratory Journal. 2011, 38(5), 1136-1144. ISSN 0903-1936. IF: 5.895. PMID: 21540308
  • [5]
    POPA, O.M., L. POPA, M.I. DUTESCU, M. BOJINCA, V. BOJINCA, C. CIOFU, C. BARA, F. MRÁZEK a M. PETŘEK. HLA-C locus and genetic susceptibility to psoriatic arthritis in Romanian population. Tissue Antigens. 2011, 77(4), 325-328. ISSN 0001-2815. IF: 2.588. PMID: 21388355
  • [4]
    ZAKHARYAN, R., A. CHAVUSHYAN, A. KHOYETSYAN, A. SŤAHELOVÁ, A. ARAKELYAN, A. BOYAJYAN, F. MRÁZEK a M. PETŘEK. Genetic variants of the inflammatory C-reactive protein and schizophrenia in Armenian population: A pilot study. International Journal of Immunogenetics. 2010, 37(5), 407-410. ISSN 1744-3121. IF: 1.620. PMID: 21182750
  • [3]
    TOMANKOVA, T., M. PETŘEK a E. KRIEGOVA. Involvement of microRNAs in physiological and pathological processes in the lung. Respiratory Research. 2010, 11(article 159), 1-10. ISSN 1465-9921. IF: 2.859. PMID: 21092244
  • [2]
    SŤAHELOVÁ, A., J. PETŘKOVÁ, J. MOTAKOVA, M. TABORSKY, F. MRÁZEK a M. PETŘEK. The BDNF Val66Met polymorphism is not associated with myocardial infarction in Czech patients. Cytokine. 2011, 53(1), 13-14. ISSN 1043-4666. IF: 3.019. PMID: 20846878
  • [1]
    POPA, O.M., M. BOJINCA, V. BOJINCA, C. CIOFU, M.I. DUTESCU, A. BARDAN, R. CORNATEANU SFRENT, M. PETŘEK, C. BARA a L. POPA. Distribution of HLA-B27 in Romanian spondyloarthritides patients. International Journal of Immunogenetics. 2010, 37(6), 513-516. ISSN 1744-3121. IF: 1.620. PMID: 20572892
  • Publications (Other Reviewed Journals)

  • [5]
    PETŘKOVÁ, J., J. BOŘUCKÁ, M. KALAB, P. KLEVCOVA, J. MICHÁLEK a M. PETŘEK. Increased expression of miR-146a in valvular tissue from patients with aortic valve stenosis. Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine. 2019, 6, 86. ISSN 2297-055X.
  • [4]
    HAKOBJANYAN, A.A., L.M. HOVSEPYAN, A. BOYAJYAN a M. PETŘEK. Study of expression level of IL2 and IL2RG in T cells and oxidative modifications of proteins at aging and brain ischemic stroke (in Russian). Issues in Theoretical and Clinical Medicine. 2013, 16(7), 20-22. ISSN 1829-2968.
  • [3]
    KISHORE, A. a M. PETŘEK. Immunogenetics of Sarcoidosis. International Trends in Immunity. 2013, 1(4), 43-54. ISSN 2326-313X.
  • [2]
    LOSTAKOVA, V., V. KOLEK, M. PETŘEK, R. BARTOVA, S. LOSSE a R. FILLEROVA. Klinické hodnocení a srovnání tuberkulinového kožního testu (TST) s metodami IGRA (T-SPOT TB a Quantiferon-TB Gold) u pacientů s podezřením na tuberkulózní infekci. Studia Pneumologica et Phthiseologica. 2013, 73(3), 118-123. ISSN 1213-810X.
  • [1]
    ARAKELYAN, A., R. ZAKHARYAN, A. KHOYETSYAN, D. POGHOSYAN, R. AROUTIOUNIAN, F. MRÁZEK, M. PETŘEK a A. BOYAJYAN. Functional characterization of the complement receptor type 1 and its circulating ligands in patients with schizophrenia. BMC Clinical Pathology. 2011, 11((article10)), 1-7. ISSN 1472-6890.

  • Doctoral students mentor:

    [3] Kateřina Sikorová, Genetic variability of bio markers of inflammation in patients with early manifestation of coronary artery disease,
    Ph.D. specialization: , status: Ongoing, from: 2015
    [2] Eva Novosadová, Role of RBPs (RNA- binding proteins) in regulation of immune reactions ,
    Ph.D. specialization: , status: Ongoing, from: 2014
    [1] Anahit Hakobjanyan, Expression and regulation of cytokines or signaling molecules at the interface of bone and joint replacement: a contribution to the immunopathogenesis osteolysis/ periprosthetic infection,
    Ph.D. specialization: , status: Ongoing, from: 2010

    Master students mentor:

    [2] Monika Cvancigerová, Genetic factors of sarcoidosis,
    status: Graduated, from: 2015 to 2017
    [1] Alžběta Herodesová, Determination and clinical significance of genetic variants at risk of recurrent Crohn's disease,
    status: Graduated, from: 2015