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National Infrastructure for Chemical Biology

Project acronym: CZ-OPENSCREEN
Project title: National Infrastructure for Chemical Biology
Project registration number: LM2023052
State funding provider: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
Programme: LM - Large Research Infrastructure Projects (2010 - 2026)
Start date: 2023-01-01
End date: 2026-12-31
Principal investigator: Džubák Petr M.D., Ph.D.

The mission of the project “National Infrastructure of Chemical Biology” is to support a research center conducting basic and applied research in the field of chemical biology and genetics and to provide open access to its users. CZ-OPENSCREEN Infrastructure is a national node of the EU OPENSCREEN ERIC, which allows access to the international research platform and the European compound library. The main objectives of the CZ-OPENSCREEN research infrastructure are the identification of new molecular probes and tools for further research and validation of compounds suitable for the development of new potential therapeutics. Chemical biology represents a new interdisciplinary scientific field linking traditional research disciplines (cell biology, molecular and structural biology, biochemistry, organic chemistry and chem/bioinformatics), thereby providing the desired support to deepen the knowledge to date.