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Czech National Infrastructure for Biological Data

Project acronym: ELIXIR-CZ
Project title: Czech National Infrastructure for Biological Data
Project registration number: LM2023055
State funding provider: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
Programme: xxx
Start date: 2023-01-01
End date: 2026-12-31
Principal investigator: Vrbková Jana Ph.D.

ELIXIR CZ is a national large research infrastructure (VVI) for biological data in the life science fields including environmental, agricultural and medical sciences. Data is the main component of scientific projects on the basis of which analyses and hypotheses verification are performed and scientific discoveries are formulated. Data analysis, processing, storage, interoperability management and availability (fully in accordance with FAIR principles) are currently provided through synergy of bioinformatic and technological approaches within the ELIXIR CZ infrastructure. The main objective of the ELIXIR CZ project is to provide open access to complex data sources and to provide tools and services that meet the needs of the scientific community at the state-of-art level. The mission of the infrastructure is to offer solutions to current problems related to the exponential growth of experimental and theoretical data of biological research. Research in the field of biological sciences worldwide faces the challenge not only of realising the accessibility and security of stored data, but also of ensuring the interoperability of heterogeneous data sets and tools. ELIXIR CZ provides state-of-the-art expertise through tools, services and complex solutions to data problems in a wide range of disciplines. ELIXIR CZ is a pioneer of two important infrastructure components at both national and international level. This is the issue of scientific data management, in which ELIXIR CZ is an authority on the concept of scientific data management plan and in IT technology implementation, where it is a pioneer in authentication and authorization infrastructure with a pan-European LS AAI solution. Among other specialized services not in the final stage of development yet, ELIXIR CZ is strictly based on the Open Access approach and consequently allows access to a wide range of users without having to pay for the service.