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EATRIS-CONNECT: The new project has launched!

EATRIS-CONNECT is an EU-funded initiative that will use digital transformation as a tool to accelerate translational medicine. Led by EATRIS, the 3-year project (1 May 2024-30 April 2027) unites 21 organisations from across Europe, backed by a budget of €3.9 million from the Horizon Europe programme. 


At its core, EATRIS-CONNECT aims to establish the ‘EATRIS Digital Hub’, an open-access, web-based knowledge portal that will provide a gateway to fit-for-purpose, validated digital services and tools as resources to address challenges across the translational medicine pipeline. Leveraging the extensive preclinical and clinical expertise of the consortium, the initial focus will be on pancreatic cancer to address the urgent need for standard diagnostic tools and early detection methods.Pancreatic cancer early diagnosis could therefore be one of the scenarios where digital transformation, and in particular AI-based solutions, could help change the course of disease management and the diagnosis/treatment.

Toni Andreu (EATRIS Scientific Director) emphasises the pivotal role of connectivity and awareness within the European landscape of rigorous development of new interventions and artificial intelligence application: “Critical to the success of EATRIS’ strategic direction in Digital Transformation is to increase awareness and connections from our community with the European landscape of digital services, federated service provision, and artificial intelligence application.

Gary Saunders (EATRIS Director of Digital Transformation and coordinator of the EATRIS-CONNECT project) highlights the challenges and opportunities ahead: “In recognising the challenges of translational medicine, it becomes increasingly evident that embracing digital transformation is not merely an option but a necessity. It is in addressing these challenges that EATRIS-CONNECT can play a key role. Leveraging a diverse array of digital services and tools through the Digital Hub and integrating them into translational processes holds the promise of overcoming existing barriers. These resources can help streamline data analysis, enhance collaboration, and accelerate the translation of scientific discoveries into meaningful advancements in healthcare.“ 

Embracing digital transformation will be imperative for accelerating the development and delivery of life-changing medical interventions, ultimately for the benefit of patients.