Überall Ivo Ph.D.

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Publications (Impact Factor Journals)

  • [6]
    ÜBERALL, I., M. GACHECHILADZE, M. JOERGER, J. ANDEL, P. SMICKOVA, V. KOLEK, I. GRYGÁRKOVÁ a J. ŠKARDA. Tumor autophagy is associated with survival outcomes in patients with resected non-small cell lung cancer. Lung Cancer. 2019, 129, 85-91. ISSN 0169-5002. IF: 4.486. PMID: 30797498
  • [5]
    BALIK, V., I. ÜBERALL, I. SULLA, J. EHRMANN, Y. KATO, I.J. SULLA a K. TAKIZAWA. Variability inWall Thickness and Related Structures of Major Dural Sinuses in Posterior Cranial Fossa: A Microscopic Anatomical Study and Clinical Implications. Operative Neurosurgery. 2018, x, x. ISSN x. IF: 1.670. PMID: 30395343
  • [4]
    GACHECHILADZE, M., I. ÜBERALL, V. KOLEK, J. KLEIN, V. KREJČÍ, J. ŠŤASTNÁ, L. RADOVÁ, E. FRIDMAN a J. ŠKARDA. Correlation between BRCA1 expression and clinicopathological factors including brain metastases in patients with non-small-cell lung cancer. Biomedical Papers of the Medical Faculty of the University Palacký, Olomouc, Czech Republic. 2013, 157(3), 227-232. ISSN 1213-8118. IF: 1.661. PMID: 23128816
  • [3]
    LUŽNÁ, P., J. GREGAR, I. ÜBERALL, L. RADOVÁ, V. PROCHAZKA a J. EHRMANN. RESEARCH Open Access Changes of microRNAs-192, 196a and 203 correlate with Barrett’s esophagus diagnosis and its progression compared to normal healthy individuals. Diagnostic Pathology. 2011, 6(114), 1-7. ISSN 1746-1596. IF: 1.638. PMID: 22094011
  • [2]
    ÜBERALL, I., V. KOLEK, J. KLEIN, V. KREJČÍ, J. ŠŤASTNÁ, L. RADOVÁ, J. ŠKARDA a E. FRIDMAN. The Immunohistochemical expression of BNIP3 protein in non-small-cell lung cancer: a tissue microarray study. Acta Pathologica Microbiologica et Immunologica Scandinavica. 2010, 118(8), 565-570. ISSN 0903-4641. IF: 1.944. PMID: 20666737
  • [1]
    ÜBERALL, I., Z. KOLÁŘ, R. TROJANEC, J. BERKOVCOVÁ a M. HAJDÚCH. The status and role of ErbB receptors in human cancer. Experimental and Molecular Pathology. 2008, 84(2), 79-89. ISSN 0014-4800. IF: 1.822. PMID: 18279851
  • Publications (Other Reviewed Journals)

  • [1]
    ÜBERALL, I., K. KŘÍŽOVÁ a J. STEIGEROVÁ. Cetuximab enhances the anti-proliferative effect of trastuzumab in ERBB2 over-expressing breast cancer cells--preliminary study. Klinická onkologie. 2011, 24(5), 356-360. ISSN 0862-495X.

  • Doctoral students mentor:

    [1] Patrik Rulíšek, Computer image analysis in pathology,
    Ph.D. specialization: Pathological anatomy and forensic medicine, status: Ongoing, from: 2017