Friedecký David Ph.D.

Phone: +420588442619
Curriculum Vitae: download here

Senior Researcher at IMTM

1) Analytical chemistry - separation techniques
    - liquid chromatography
    - capillary electrophoresis
    - mass spectrometry
    - flow injection analysis / MS

2) Inherited Metabolic Disorders
    - purine and pyrimidine metabolism
    - expanded newborn screening
    - LC/MS methods for diagnosing IMD

3) Therapeutic drug monitoring
    - tyrosine kinase inhibitors
    - immunosuppresants
    - antihypertensives
    - vitamin D3
    - methotrexate

4) Metabolomics
    - LC/MS, GC/MS, FIA/MS
    - Quadrupole analyzers, Orbitrap
    - data processing, interpretation
    - analysis of buifluids, cells...

Specialties: Development mass spectrometry methods for diagnosing IMD, TDM and high throughput analysis by FIA/MS
Development and application of metabolomics in medicine



1. prize in The national student competition of scientific works in the analytical chemistry section, Praha, 1998.

1. prize - dean´s award for the best student work in the chemistry - Student conference, Olomouc, 1999.

TALENT ´98 - Honorable mention of Minister of Education, Youth and Sports for works in the field of analysis of purine and pyrimidine compounds - Praha, 1999.

Vice-Chancellor´s award for the best student scientific work - Olomouc, 1999.

1. prize - award for the best lecture in section of young clinical biochemists - FONS 2000, Pardubice.

Award of club of alumnuses and friends of UP for pregraduate and postgraduate students for scientisic articel - 2001.

Publications (Impact Factor Journals)

  • [34]
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  • [33]
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  • [27]
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  • Publications (Other Reviewed Journals)

  • [5]
    VROBEL, I., D. FRIEDECKÝ a T. ADAM. Analytický systém online extrakce na pevné fázi ve spojení s tandemovou spektrometrií a jeho klinické využití. Klinická biochemie a metabolismus. 2018, 26(47), 11-17. ISSN 2570-9402.
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  • [2]
    JANEČKOVÁ, H., P. WOJTOWICZ, K. HRON, D. FRIEDECKÝ a T. ADAM. Necílená metabolomická analýza suchých krevních skvrn pro diagnostiku dědičných metabolických poruch. Klinická biochemie a metabolismus. 2012, 20(41), 167-169. ISSN 1210-7921.
  • [1]
    MIČOVÁ, K., D. FRIEDECKÝ, E. FABER a T. ADAM. Rutinní terapeutické monitorování tyrosinkinázových inhibitorů metodou LC-MS/MS. Klinická biochemie a metabolismus. 2012, 20(41), 222-225. ISSN 1210-7921.

  • Doctoral students mentor:

    [4] Śtěpán Kouřil, Lipidomic analysis of biological samples by HR-MS,
    Ph.D. specialization: Medical chemistry and clinical biochemistry, status: Ongoing, from: 2017
    [3] Ivo Vrobel, Influence of certain cancerostatics on the cell metabolome,
    Ph.D. specialization: , status: Graduated, from: 2013 to 2018
    [2] Radana Brumarová, Study of patobiochemistry of inherited metabolic disorders by metabolomic approach,
    Ph.D. specialization: , status: Graduated, from: 2013 to 2018
    [1] Kateřina Mičová, Significance of intracellular and plasma levels of new tyrosine kinase inhibitors,
    Ph.D. specialization: , status: Graduated, from: 2009 to 2014

    Master students mentor:

    [3] Aleš Kvasnička, Structural elucidation of novel biomarkers of known inherited metabolic disorders using high resolution mass spectrometry,
    status: Ongoing, from: 2019
    [2] Petra Šťastná, LC-HRMS analysis of plasma samples from patients with chronic myeloid leukemia – study of correlation with clinical response,
    status: Ongoing, from: 2018
    [1] Klára Míčková, Lipidomics for clinical diagnostics,
    status: Ongoing, from: 2017