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Our dedicated scientists explored news and innovative knowledge in cancer research at AACR Annual Meeting 2024 in San Diego

Our dedicated scientists explored innovative research and knowledge in cancer research at prestigious AACR Annual Meeting 2024. Hosted by the American Association for Cancer Research in sunny San Diego, California, USA, from April 5th to 10th, 2024, this gathering stood as the peak event for the global cancer research community.

The AACR Annual Meeting served as a melting pot of insights, where scientists, clinicians, healthcare professionals, survivors, patients, and advocates gathered to exchange the latest breakthroughs in cancer science and medicine. Covering a vast spectrum from population science and prevention strategies to cutting-edge cancer biology, translational research, clinical studies, survivorship, and advocacy efforts, the event showcased the collective efforts of top minds in cancer research worldwide.

IMTM's scientists proudly presented their contributions and innovative work in cancer research from the preceding year. Their presentations represented intense dedication of the institute's commitment to advancing the fight against cancer.


Abstract 7496: J. Srovnal - The piritramide-based perioperative analgesia can affect the cancer dissemination in colorectal cancer patients 

Abstract 7414: M. Hruška - Claire: a search engine leveraging deep databases for reliable detection of peptides, with a special focus on proteogenomic applications

Abstract 7142: P. Džubák - Optimizing estradiol dimers through linker design: Enhancing anticancer efficacy by targeting microtubule dynamics

Abstract 5788: M. Mistrík - Targeting p97-NPL4 pathway by copper chelators



Photo: Denisa Pavelková