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Center for Development of Original Drugs

Project acronym: CVOL
Project title: Center for Development of Original Drugs
Project registration number: TE01020028
State funding provider: Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
Programme: TE - Centres of Competence (2012 - 2019)
Start date: 2012-04-01
End date: 2019-12-31
Principal investigator: Hajdúch Marián M.D., Ph.D.

The project Center for development of original drugs in its strategic plan develops traditionally successful fields of Czech research and development : medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology, pharma-chemistry and other fields. The goal of the project is to enable the commercialization and practical application of results of basic research. The aims of the project are: AIM 1: To establish a common platform for the progress of existing potential drug candidates into higher levels of developmental stages. AIM 2: To accomplish preclinical studies for selected drug candidates in order to prepare the documentation for phase I clinical trial(s) – IND application. AIM 3: To establish a productive process for future projects enabling their further development and execution. AIM 4: To develop new methods in the collaboration of academic and commercial participants to improve competitiveness of their services on market. Aim 1 will be finished during the first 4 years but its function will continue during the project. Main focus is on creation of rational processes minimizing risks and optimizing costs for particular drug candidates. Aim 2 will bring, along with development of sub-project, stepwise results and it is expected that first will be achieved after 3-4 years of the project. Aim 2 is the main research activity of the center. We expect novel patents and future development of sub-project in certified tests and in optimal case in the form of license agreement with a commercial customer. Aim 3 is on-going but the basic processes will be established in the first 4 years. The aim will unify the research approaches of proof-of-concept research in the partnering academia institutions and will enable to capitalize on common use of tests of drug candidates. Aim 4 will be implemented in the first 4 years, but will be further developed in the next period. The main task is to transfer knowledge from academia to commercial partners.