Štaffová Kateřina M.Sc.

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Publications (Impact Factor Journals):

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    CAPKOVA, P., A. ŠANTAVÁ, I. MARKOVA, A. STEFEKOVA, J. SROVNAL, K. ŠTAFFOVÁ a V. DURDOVA. Haploinsufficiency of BMP4 and OTX2 in the Foetus with an abnormal facial profile detected in the first trimester of pregnancy. Molecular Cytogenetics. 2017, 10, 47. ISSN 1755-8166. IF: 1.455. PMID: 29299063
  • [1]
    CAPKOVA, P., J. SROVNAL, Z. CAPKOVA, K. ŠTAFFOVÁ, V. BECVAROVA, M. TRKOVA, K. ADAMOVA, A. ŠANTAVÁ, V. CURTISOVA, M. HAJDÚCH a M. PROCHAZKA. MLPA is a practical and complementary alternative to CMA for diagnostic testing in patients with autism spectrum disorders and identifying new candidate CNVs associated with autism. PeerJ. 2019, 6, e6183. ISSN 2167-8359. IF: 2.118.