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Doctoral training
Development of Strategies for Solid-Phase Synthesis of Nitrogenous Heterocyclic Compounds Based on the 2- and 4-Nitrobenzenesulfonamide Chemistry
The submitted doctoral thesis deals with the development of simple procedures applicable for the preparation of libraries of selected heterocyclic compounds. In all of the introduced procedures, the immobilized 2- or 4-nitrobenzenesulfonamides were used as the key intermediates. Different scenarios have been used in which the nitrobenzenesulfonyl (Nos) group was applied (1) only as a protective/activating group for Fukuyama selective monoalkylation followed by the cleavage of the sulfonamide scaffold, (2) as a building block after previous Fukuyma alkylation, or (3) as a building block without application of Fukuyama alkylation. The key intermediates were further modified and converted to the target products under different cyclization conditions. During our long-term research we have developed high-throughput solid-phase syntheses of various heterocyclic compounds involving six types of different scaffolds.



Publications (Impact Factor Journals):

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Book Chapters:

  • [1]
    RUČILOVÁ, V. a M. SOURAL. Solid-Phase Synthesis of Seven-Membered Heterocycles with Two Nitrogen Atoms. In: Topics in Heterocyclic Chemistry. x. x: Springer International Publishing, 2017. Kapitola 52, s. 23-63. ISBN: 978-3-642-15454-6.

Master students mentor:

[2] Petra Králová, Solid-Phase Synthesis of Novel Morpholine/Thiomorpholine-3-Carboxylic Acid Derivatives ,
status: Graduated, from: 2014 to 2016
[1] Richard Hekele, Synthesis of trisubstituted derivatives of 4H-benzo triazole diazepin one on solid phase using an alpha-amino acid,
status: Graduated, from: 2014 to 2016

Bachelor students mentor:

[2] Zuzana Balová, Synthesis of S-imidazopyridines with potential dual PDE4 / PDE7 activity,
status: Ongoing, from: 2016
[1] Renáta Páníková, Synthesis of derivatives of imidazopyridine,
status: Ongoing, from: 2016