Zapletalová Hana

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Doctoral training
Study of physical and chemical properties of biological materials through microscopic methods



Publications (Impact Factor Journals):

  • [2]
    ZAPLETALOVÁ, H., J. PRIBYL, M. AMBROZ, M. VUJTEK, P. SKLADAL a H. KOLÁŘOVÁ. Improved method for Mica functialization used in single molecule imaging of DNA with atomic force microscopy. Mediterranean Journal of Chemistry. 2016, 5(5), 589-598. ISSN 2028-3997. IF: 1.452.
  • [1]
    TRACHTOVA, S., H. ZAPLETALOVÁ, A. SPANOVA, D. HORAK, H. KOLÁŘOVÁ a B. RITTICH. nenalezen IF časopisu_The evaluation of magnetic polymethacrylate-based microspheres used for solid phase DNA micro-extraction. Chromatography. 2015, 2(2), 156-166. ISSN 2227-9075. IF: x.

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Book Chapters:

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    MALOHLAVA, J., H. ZAPLETALOVÁ, K. BARTOŇ TOMÁNKOVÁ a H. KOLÁŘOVÁ. Atomic force microscopy: Studying mechanical properties of a cell. In: Current Microscopy Contributions to Advances in Science and Technology. 5.vyd. Badajoz, Spain: Formatex, 2012. Kapitola 64, s. 528–532. ISBN: 978-84-939843-5-9.