Najdekr Lukáš M.Sc.

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Doctoral training
Metabolomic tools in diagnosis of inborn errors of metabolism
The thesis is focused on untargeted metabolomics methods (high resolution exact mass spectrometry (HRMS) based methods coupled with liquid chromatography) and their development together with statistical evaluation tools. Final application will be used to study metabolomic changes in biological materials (dry blood spots, plasma, cell extracts).


Adam Tomáš Ph.D.


Graduated 2011 - 2017

Publications (Impact Factor Journals):

Master students mentor:

[1] Lucie Mádrová, Usage of lipid profile for study of inherited metabolic disorders,
status: Graduated, from: 2013 to 2015

Bachelor students mentor:

[1] Daniel Boyko, Targeted metabolomics of transgenic mice suffering from LPS-induced neuroinflammation,
status: Ongoing, from: 2017