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Nanomaterials in medicine

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The field of nanomaterials in medicine (often labelled as nanomedicine), covers many types of nanomaterials of various structures or morphologies, and advanced mostly optical or electrochemical techniques optimized to provide early diagnostics and more efficient and frequently personalized therapies for many severe diseases. Nanomaterials enhance the possibilities of medical therapy and diagnostics in many aspects: i) nanomaterials can be used to image specific regions via their fluorescence or plasmonic properties so they can be applied in the analysis of diseases directly inside the human body. II) nanomaterials can be used as efficient active drug delivery systems. In many cases, it is possible to apply the nanomaterials as theranostic agents allowing to monitor the effect of a drug in vivo.

It is commonly recognized that there is no single nanoplatform that can be used in a diagnosis and treatment of more kinds of diseases. Each and every nanoplatform must be precisely tuned to maximise its in vivo effectiveness, while maintaining low toxicity for normal cells and tissues. It is also well known that the biological effects of nanomaterials considerably vary even with superficial changes in its morphology or size. Therefore, many efforts have been given to the development of precision synthesis protocols. Moreover, advanced functionalization methods allow the possibility of incorporating an increasing number of functionalities, which further allow to detect various biological responses, which further allow to target specific cells or sub-cellular compartments, or which can be used in an imaging of drug release.

At our research group, we tackle these scientific challenges with the primary goal to design efficient nanoplatforms and establish new protocols to address severe diseases, including osteosarcoma, breast adenosarcoma or glioblastoma.

Synthesis and functionalization of advanced nanostructured materials for active drug delivery systems, plasmonic or fluorescent based detection of clinically relevant molecular markers and chiral analysis.

  1. Development of drug delivery systems based on i) advanced 2D nanomaterials and ii) biopolymeric nanocarriers.
  2. Development of methods for a detection of clinically relevant molecular markers using optical methods and plasmonic nanostructures.
  3. Analysis of chiral compounds using 2D optical anisotropic nanomaterials.
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Other Reviewed Journals

GERYK, M., E. KARASKOVA, M. VELGANOVA-VEGHOVA, B. LUDÍKOVÁ, J. CIVRNY a J. VOLEJNÍKOVÁ. Objemný gastroduodenální trichobezoár (Rapunzel syndrom) jako příčina bolestí břicha a nechutenství u devítileté dívky. Česko-slovenská pediatrie 2021. 2021, 76(4), 233-237. ISSN 0069-2328.
Project: Pharmacokinetic methods in preclinical drug testing
Supervisors: Hajdúch Marián M.D., Ph.D., Lišková Barbora Ph.D.
Available: 1
Intended for: Doctoral training

The study of ADME properties of a potential drug that are part of the IMTM chemical library - obtained by national or international cooperation belongs to one of the first steps in predicting potential drugs. In vitro models generate many ADME parameters, including chemical, plasma and microsomal stability, plasma protein binding and proportion of passive diffusion as a transport mechanism. The Caco-2 and MDCK-MDR1 permeability assays are established models of intestinal and blood-brain barriers, respectively. Analysis of samples is performed using a Agilent RapidFire 300 - rapid online solid phase extraction with subsequent detection of the mass spectrometer Qtrap 5500 (AB Sciex) - RF/MS. High-Throughput Mass Spectrometry System RF/MS delivers ultrafast, label – free analysis of native compounds for biochemical assays in ADME and provide throughput speeds of 6 to 10 seconds per sample.

Group Leader

Ranc Václav Ph.D.

Group members

Lišková Barbora Ph.D.


Volejníková Jana Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow, Staff