Management - OLD

Director, Institute of Molecular and Translational Medicine

Marián Hajdúch, M.D., Ph.D.

Scientist and medical professional mainly involved in molecular and translational medicine (disease area oncology and infectious diseases); long-term experience in project management; R&D and technology transfer activities, including the construction and management of large research infrastructures. Founding director of the Institute of Molecular and Translational Medicine, Palacky University in Olomouc, CZ. He has been involved as principal investigator, investigator or clinical site manager in 19 clinical trials; actively participated in the research and/or management of >50 national and international projects; established Cancer Research Czech Republic as a major charity to support cancer research in CZ; spin-off companies focused on manufacturing of molecular diagnostics, bioinformatics and drug development; leader/co-leader drug development initiatives with one registered drug on market, several products in clinical trials, >30 in vitro diagnostic products on market, several CE IVD certified. Former Chair of the Boards of National Director and current Czech National Director for European Translational Medicine Infrastructure (EATRIS-ERIC); participated in creation of national network for personalized medicine and cancer management policies. Published more than >350 papers, 17 books/chapters, >40 patents, >4900 SCI citations, H-index 36.

Director for Science

Jitka Ulrichová, Ph.D.

Dr. Ulrichová is the Scientific Director of the Institute of Molecular and Translational medicine, and Head of the Department of Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry at the Faculty of Medicine, Palacký University in Olomouc. Her research focuses on the screening of biologically active substances on model reactions, mammalian cells and animal models. She is the former Vice Dean for Science and Research at the Faculty of Medicine of Palacký University, and is currently Vice Rector for Science, Research and Doctoral Studies at Palacký University, and President of the Czech Chemical Society. She has many years of experience in completing fundamental research projects at the national and international level and has published more than 100 scientific papers and several patents. SCI citation= 1683 and H-index = 28

Director of Operations

Miroslav Dvořák, Ph.D.

Responsible for financial and administrative management of the Institute with annual operation budget about CZK 200 mil. Project support for researchers on IMTM. Supervision over financial reporting of IMTM and spending of funds. Administrative and financial management of R&D projects. Preparing and implementation of strategic projects of IMTM. In the area of project management yet implemented/managed projects in total over CZK 1 100 mil.

Manager of Public Procurement, Lawyer

Arnošt Rybář, LL.M.

Preparation of agreements/contracts and other legal documents for institute´s purposes, preparation of internal rules and its modifications, monitoring of compliance with general binding legal regulations, preparation of tender documentation according to the law on public contracts; realization, coordination and supervision on tender processes (public procurement).

Technology Transfer Manager

Linda Lososová

a lawyer specialized in a technology transfer legal protection, a comprehensive care of research outputs in the field of chemistry, organic technology, biochemistry and biomedicine. She focuses on IP law, license agreements, contractual or collaborative research in academia, including EU funded projects. She provides lectures for academia and other research institutions and companies.

Biomarker Program Co-leader

Jiří Drábek, Ph.D.

Dr. Drábek has history of scientific project management, quality management according to ISO17025 and ISO15189, and running routine clinical genotyping laboratory. His interests concern applied genetics and genomics while application ranges from clinical diagnostics of inherited diseases and detection of somatic mutations in tumor through detecting of grapevine DNA in wine to forensic identification and kinship testing. He is president of the Czechoslovak Society for Forensic Genetics since 2008. He has 60 papers on Web of Science, SCI citation = 645, and H-index = 15.

Program Co-leader

Petr Džubák, MD. Ph.D.

Scientist and pediatrician involved in molecular and translational medicine (disease area oncology and infectious diseases), leader of research program Chemical Biology and Experimental Therapeutics at IMTM. Actively participated in the research of more than 20 national and international projects; member of advisory board of Cancer Research Foundation „Rakovina ve veřejná“, co-founder of spin-off company focused on manufacturing of molecular diagnostics. Published more than >50 papers and books/chapters, >800 SCI citations, H-index 15, Prix de Pharmacie 2007 Ambassade de France – Sanofi-aventis, Premier Prix

Program Co-leader

Jan Hlaváč, Ph.D.

Dr. Hlaváč is organic chemist focused on development of new compounds of various types. He is working in area of organic, bioorganic and medicinal chemistry. His interest covers synthesis of new anticancer drugs and novel diagnostic tools. Besides that, he studies new organic reactions applicable in organic synthesis in solution as well as in solid support. He is principle investigator of several grant projects including also international participation, several Czech and international patents. His results are presented in more than 60 articles in impacted journals, several lectures in international conferences and universities abroad. Dr. Hlaváč works as head of department of organic chemistry in Faculty of Science, Palacký University and as leader of Medicinal Chemistry work package. He is member of Czech chemical society as well as American chemical society. SCI citation 390; H-index = 11

Head of Laboratory of Genomic Integrity

Martin Mistrík, Ph.D.

Scientist specialized on cellular DNA damage response and its link to cancer development and treatment. Other specialization is advanced microscopic techniques. Actively participated in the research of more than 6 national and international projects. Published more than >25 original investigations and 3 patents, >750 SCI citations, H-index 10


Martina Smitalová, MSc.

Providing of administrative operations on IMTM, personnel administration, administrative of R&D projects. Quality manager in IMTM laboratories according to ISO17025 and ISO15189.