Laboratory of Genome Integrity

Research in the LIG focuses on various mechanistic aspects of the DNA damage response and DNA repair pathways. Both pathways play a key role in the onset and progress of cancer and thus represent ideal targets for novel anti-cancer drugs. In addition we endeavor to understand how elevated replication stress in rapidly growing pre-cancerous and cancerous cells affects the progression of the disease. We would also like to understand in detail how the cell copes with replication stress at the molecular level. Our long term goal is to set up specific DDR response based high throughput screens capable of assessing the effect of different compounds and environmental conditions on DNA integrity in human cells. In our research we employ state-of-the-art equipment including the Carl Zeiss Super resolution and Spinning Disc microscopic systems.

Impact Factor Journals

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Other Reviewed Journals

ŠENKYŘÍKOVÁ, M., V. HUSICKOVA, M. CHROMA, P. SAUER, J. BARDOŇ a M. KOLÁŘ. Acinetobacter baumannii producing OXA-23 detected in the Czech Republic. SpringerPlus. 2013, 2(1), 296. ISSN 2193-1801. PMID: 23 888 268
Project: Study of DNA double-strand break repair in tumor model
Supervisors: Mistrík Martin Ph.D.
Available: 1
Intended for: Doctoral training

The so-called double-strand breaks (DSB) are the most lethal DNA lesions, which can be potent sources of mutations and thus become the beginning of irreversible genetic changes leading to degenerative illnesses, including cancer. At the same induction of DSBs introduced in the proper setup can become an unsolvable problem for the cells, particularly in specific genetic backgrounds typical for cancer, which fact is the rationale for a plethora of cancer treatment strategies. Thus the way cells deal with DSBs is under the great interest of current medicinal and biological research. The Ph.D. student will practice several methods of induction of DSBs via various sources such as gamma rays, alpha particles, UV light and various chemical inducers. Next will be studied the molecular mechanisms the cell deal with this type of DNA damage. Emphasis will be put on differences between normal and cancer cells and their potential exploration for cancer therapy. Student will also learn mutiple laboratory techniques including cell culture, RNA/DNA transfections, advanced microscopic techniques, live-cell imaging, and various biochemical analysis of proteins.

Project: Signaling DNA damage in cellular response to stress
Supervisors: Mistrík Martin Ph.D.
Available: 1
Intended for: Doctoral training

Our DNA is constantly under threat from DNA damaging agents. If unrepaired DNA damage can lead to errors during genome duplication, including the mutations that can lead to cancer, contribute to aging and other human diseases. Cells have evolved elaborate repair mechanisms to fix this damage and ensure that the genetic information is faithfully reproduced, and we would like to understand these repair mechanisms at the molecular level. We ultimately aim for a complete molecular and cellular understanding of critical DNA repair pathways that act on DNA damage. The Ph.D. student will practice several molecular and cellular techniques, including cell culture, RNA interference, immunofluorescence microscopy, live-cell imaging and immunoprecipitation of proteins. He/she will also learn novel and powerful techniques, such as super-resolution microscopy and purification of proteins on newly synthesized DNA.

Project: DNA damage signaling in the cellular response to stress
Supervisors: Mistrík Martin Ph.D.
Available: 2
Intended for: Doctoral training
Project: Cellular stress in health and disease
Supervisors: Mistrík Martin Ph.D., Moudrý Pavel Ph.D., Škrott Zdeněk Ph.D.
Available: 3
Intended for: Doctoral training
Project: DNA damage signaling in the cellular response to stress
Supervisors: Mistrík Martin Ph.D.
Available: 1
Intended for: Doctoral training

1 place in full-time study

Laboratory head

Mistrík Martin Ph.D.

Research groups

DNA replication dynamics

Junior research group

Cellular stress

Senior research group