Development of CXCR4 targeting -nanosystem-imaging probes

Project title: Development of CXCR4 targeting -nanosystem-imaging probes for molecular imaging of cancer cells and tumor microenvironment

Acronym: NAN-4-TUM

Registration number: TH70020002

Project description: Project aims to develop a CXCR4 targeting- PET tracer/ Nanosystem (CXCR4-PET-NAN) to detect neoplastic and Tumor microenvironment (TME) cells in solid tumors. The added value of nanotechnology plus innovative the biological features of new developed CXCR4 antagonist peptides should overcome the limits of available CXCR4 targeting PET probe. Nanoparticles with optimized size and surface properties can preferably accumulate in tumors through leaky vasculature and custom-designed nanoprobes permit a wide range of detection scales, from whole body diagnostic scanning to subcellular microscopic imaging. A CXCR4-PET-NAN would benefit of several advantages offered by Nanotecnology: 1) combination of Enhanced Permeability and Retention based passive targeting and active CXCR4-specific targeting; 2) Multivalency for the target receptor; 3) amplification of contrast signal due to the incorporation of thousands of reporting elements; 4) theranostic capability to combine therapy and diagnosis