Anti-tumor triterpenoids substituted with nitrogen substituents

Triterpenoids are natural compounds with a number of biological activities including anticancer. Most of the triterpenoids are not sufficiently water soluble, which makes the biological tests difficult and also is a reason for low bioavailability. Therefore, it is important to improve the solubility by modifying the compounds with polar functional groups such as quaternary ammonium salts.
Technology description: 
The invention is based on the introduction of quaternary ammonium salts into the triterpenic structure of active compounds. Those ammonium salts are connected to the 18-carboxylic acid via alkyl-ester linker. Compounds containing both aliphatic and aromatic quaternary ammonium salts were studied and patented and they showed high in vitro cytotoxic activities.
Development status: 
Laboratory scale, data on cell lines, primarily human tumors, orientational pharmacology/toxicology on rodents.
The invention provides a large group of novel compounds active on broad spectrum of cancer cell lines. New anti-cancer pharmaceu¬ticals can be based on the invention as well as abnormal proliferation therapeutics.
Commercial offer: 
Exclusive/non-exclusive licence to the patent, related know-how and data
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CZ 301158
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Institute of Molecular and Translational Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Palacky University, Olomouc
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