Murray P.G.

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Publications (Impact Factor Journals):

  • [4]
    VRZALIKOVA, K., M. IBRAHIM, M. VOCKERODT, T. PERRY, S. MARGIELEWSKA, L. LUPINO, E. NAGY, E. SOILLEUX, D. LIEBELT, R. HOLLOWS, A. LAST, G. REYNOLDS, M. ABDULLAH, H. CURLEY, M. CARE, D. KRAPPMANN, R. TOOZE, J. ALLEGOOD, S. SPIEGEL, W. WEI, C.B.J. WOODMAN a P. MURRAY. S1PR1 drives a feedforward signalling loop to regulate BATF3 and the transcriptional programme of Hodgkin lymphoma cells. Leukemia. 2017, -, -. ISSN 0887-6924. IF: 11.702. PMID: 28878352
  • [3]
    ŠIMKOVÁ, D., G. KHARAISHVILI, E. SLABAKOVA, P. MURRAY a J. BOUCHAL. Glycoprotein asporin as a novel player in tumour microenvironment and cancer progression. Biomedical Papers of the Medical Faculty of the University Palacký, Olomouc, Czech Republic. 2016, 160(4), 467-473. ISSN 1213-8118 . IF: 0.894. PMID: 27605398
  • [2]
    VOCKERODT, M., W. WEI, E. NAGY, Z. PROUZOVÁ, A. SCHRADER, D. KUBE, M. ROWE, C. WOODMAN a P. MURRAY. Suppression of the LMP2A target gene, EGR-1, protects Hodgkin's lymphoma cells from entry to the EBV lytic cycle. Journal of Pathology. 2013, 230(4), 399-409. ISSN 0022-3417. IF: 7.330. PMID: 23592216
  • [1]
    VRZALIKOVA, K., M. VOCKERODT, S. LEONARD, A. BELL, W. WEI, A. SCHRADER, K. WRIGHT, D. KUBE, M. ROWE, C. WOODMAN a P. MURRAY. Down-regulation of BLIMP1α by the EBV oncogene, LMP-1, disrupts the plasma cell differentiation program and prevents viral replication in B cells: implications for the pathogenesis of EBV-associated B-cell lymphomas. Blood. 2011, 117(22), 5907-5917. ISSN 0006-4971. IF: 9.898. PMID: 21411757