Králová Petra

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Academic Title: M.Sc.
Master training
Solid-Phase Synthesis of Novel Morpholine/Thiomorpholine-3-Carboxylic Acid Derivatives
This diploma thesis deals with the preparation of novel morpholine/thiomorpholine-3-carboxylic acids derivatives with use of solid phase synthesis. The starting materials for the preparation of target compounds are four types of resin with acid-labile linkers, natural α-amino acids, sulfonyl chlorides, α-bromoacetophenones, carboxylic acids or their chlorides, trifluoroacetic acid and reducing agent (triethylsilane). The Theoretical section is devoted to the literature summarizing methods for the preparation of the target derivatives. In the Discussion part there are described issues concerning the preparation of the desired compounds. The Experimental section presents general procedures for the preparation and isolation of these derivatives followed by analytical data of the individual substances. The Conclusion part summarizes our results and their evaluation. In the last part, there are attached annexes of the prepared compounds.


Graduated 2014 - 2016

Publications (Impact Factor Journals):

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