Smešný Trtková Kateřina Ph.D.

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  • [1]
    SMEŠNÝ TRTKOVÁ, K. Androgen Receptor as a Traget for Epigenetic Therapy of Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer (CRPC) . In: Recent Advances in Prostate Cancer. -. -: Avid Science, 2017. Kapitola 5, s. xx. ISBN: 978-93-86337-47-4.

Doctoral students mentor:

[6] Denisa Hrčková-Drozdová, Effect of histone deacetylase inhibitors on apoptosis and proliferative activity of cancer cells,
Ph.D. specialization: Medical biology, status: Ongoing, from: 2016
[5] Martina Paprskářová, Role of p53 in tumor prostate cells affected by histone deacetylases,
Ph.D. specialization: , status: Interrupted, from: 2014 to 2015
[4] Petra Lužná, Methylation status in patients with multiple myeloma,
Ph.D. specialization: , status: Ongoing, from: 2014
[3] Pavla Flodrová, Study and control options molecular mechanisms in hematologic malignancies,
Ph.D. specialization: , status: Ongoing, from: 2011
[2] Lenka Kocourková, Effect of coregulators on the androgen receptor activity in cells derived from prostate cancer after their treatment with histone deacetylase inhibitor,
Ph.D. specialization: , status: Ongoing, from: 2009
[1] Barbora Fialová, Implications of epigenetic changes in cells derived from prostate cancer,
Ph.D. specialization: , status: Ongoing, from: 2009

Master students mentor:

[3] Veronika Frýbortová, Expression of demethylation genes from TET family proteins in samples from patients with multiple myeloma,
status: Ongoing, from: 2016
[2] Eva Gottwaldová, Polymorphism and methylation of the androgen receptor as an impact of of prostate cancer progression,
status: Ongoing, from: 2016
[1] Kateřina Sikorová, Quantification of methylation by pyrosequencing in hemato-onkological diseases,
status: Graduated, from: 2015