Kotulová Jana M.Sc.

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Phone: +420 585 632 076

Received Master degree in experimental biology of animals with emphasis on cellular and molecular biology and immunology.

Mainly focusing on small molecules involved in modulation of GPCRs activity; in particular adenosine, opioid and cannabinoid receptors. Currently working on high-throughput screening of these small molecules and simultaneously on characterization of their specific mechanism of action.

An organized, flexible, detail-oriented, and conscientious team member, able to strategize and prioritize effectively to accomplish multiple tasks.

Doctoral training
Adenosine receptor inhibitors, the development and optimization
Adenosine receptors are involved in several cellular processes and can play significant role in development of various diseases, including cancer. The aim of the thesis is to study the role of adenosine receptors in cell physiology as well as in pathological state. This work is focused on screening of potential ligands of adenosine receptors and characterization of their molecular interactions using high-throughput screening approach and further validation by methods of molecular biology. Novel potent inhibitors can be beneficial for cancer therapy in the future.



Master students mentor:

[1] Kateřina Lónová, Mechanisms of action of selected A3 adenosine receptor ligands,
status: Ongoing, from: 2017

Bachelor students mentor:

[1] Markéta Chlubnová, The anticancer activity mediated by new A3 receptor agonists,
status: Graduated, from: 2016 to 2017